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Google Profiles the Key to Spam Free Email?

Google introduces yet another services building block – Google Profiles.

A Google Profile lets you have a coherent identity and a simple way to manage your contacts across all services.
The new Google Profiles are already available in Shared Stuff, Google Maps, Google Reader and will be added to other web applications.
If Google now finds a why to have Google Profiles certified and tied to a real person, they could create finally a spam free email system. Something Microsoft did not pull of yet. Google is big enough that they could carry a new email network only consisting of verified members. It really would be time for a Spam free email communication, don’t you think so?

More details on the Google Systems blog.

iDiamond ear: $6,400 earbuds don’t come any cheaper

We were never too hip with the precious metals, and we can’t say we’re doing any better with this setup. The iDiamond ear, built by Heyerdahl jewelry, is slicked up with 18 karat gold and 204 diamonds, but we can’t help but seeing a pair of cheap headphones with glitter on them — with a $6,400 pricetag slapped on just for kicks. Good thing we’re not filthy rich, we’d be so terrible at frittering away our cash.

Smart Cookie


We are all familiar with the magic 8-ball and the fortune cookie, but what happens if you put the two together in one device? The Smart Cookie is the result; a fortune telling cookie that dispenses answers to life’s most pressing questions with quirky witticisms such as; try the eggroll, answer sweet and sour, future sticky like rice and you don’t wonton know. Continue reading

Inada D.6 Robostic Massage Chair


The Inada D.6 ROBOSTIC massage chair is the most advanced massage chair in the world. Completely tailor a massage to your liking and your needs with 10 different Healthcare programs or a totally manually control. Create and memorise your favorite massage routines and adapt the massage chair to your every changing need! Continue reading

Lamborghini Reventón


from Lamborghini Press Release) Automobili Lamborghini presents the new Lamborghini Reventón at the Frankfurt Motorshow 2007

The essence of the marque: just 20 examples of a design masterpiece

Clearly a Lamborghini, but nothing quite like it. A super car without equals: the Lamborghini Reventón is a road vehicle with an extreme specification and, at the same time, a limited edition masterpiece – a coherent style, angular with sharp lines, inspired by the very latest aeronautics. Continue reading