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Intel announces industry’s smallest SSD chips


The picture says it all, Intel’s going crazy small with its latest SSD chips, but it’s certainly not leaving capacity behind. The new Intel Z-P140 PATA SSD chips come in 2GB and 4GB capacities, are extendable up to 16GB, and weigh less than a drop of water. We’re already impatient for phone manufacturers and DAP makers to start cramming these into their devices, and the RAID opportunities are really sinful. Intel should be showing the chips off at CES in January, no word on when we’ll see ’em hit the market.

Luxury, meet ridiculous: the Mobiado Luminoso battery cover flash drive


If you’re carrrying around a Mobiado Luminoso cell phone, it’s a safe bet you might be interested in Bissol’s brass-encased 4GB flash drives — so why not jack the ritz factor by combining them in Mobiado’s new battery cover for the Luminoso, which features a storage / display compartment for the included drive? That’s right — Mobiado asked itself what its customers wanted, and came up with a custom battery cover that only holds an opulent brass flash drive. Damn, we knew we weren’t exactly the target market, but you’d think they’d at least try to go quadband first.

Google Maps Integrates Video, Book & Photo Results


A Google Maps search may now return location markers showing videos from YouTube, books from Google Book search, or geo-tagged photos from Panoramio*. Continue reading

Google Reader: share tickets with your contacts of Gtalk & Gmail


Google Reader, according to the same movements that other Google applications in the past, just integrate contacts Gtalk to share a simpler way tickets that we seem interesting. Continue reading

PMP T-DMB de Acelab


The company Korean Acelab has launched another new model PMP called T-DMB. This device integrates an LCD screen of 2.8 inches and a DMB tuner, a new generation of digital services and radio broadcasting for mobile communications systems. Continue reading

Viliv X7SD



The Korean company Viliv has presented in his home country a new PMP, whose model is sometimes called the X7SD.

It has a touch screen rather wide, 7 “and resolution 800 × 480, which occupies the entire front of the device, and it offers a capacity of 4GB expandable thanks to the memory slot that integrates SD. Continue reading

reflection led watch: mirror, mirror on your wrist


Looking for a cool gift for the geek who has everything? I really dig this shiny new digital watch and its dramatic styling.

Concealed behind the mirrored face of the Reflection watch dwells a bright red LED display which only shows itself when illuminated. When it’s not telling the time, it’s perfect for checking out your good looks . Continue reading