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Saw Announced


January 30, 2008 – At Brash Entertainment’s recent press event, i received word that a game based on the Saw movie franchise is in development. This information was delivered through a teaser trailer that featured the Jigsaw puppet explaining that we as game journalists were wasting our lives in the industry — so i take his word for it. Continue reading

What Happens When You Public Something In A blog

What you asked what happens when you publish in your blog? In WIRED us explain with a picture (animation)…


Click On Image To See Animation Too.

Pasen F10 PMP rips off both the iTunes and WMP icons


Normally we’d let run-of-the-mill PMPs like Pasen’s F10 pass on by, but we just had to stop and call out the blatant use of both the iTunes and WMP icons here — even given Pasen’s history, that’s just a little much. Come on guys, the F10 looks like a solid little player — 2.6-inch 400 x 240 display, MP3 / AAC / FLAC / DivX / XviD / RMVB support, just 0.2 inches thick — why not actually try and let it compete, instead of saddling it with the trappings of irrelevant KIRFdom? Ugh, we have to go lie down.

[Via PMP Today]

San Francisco security cameras ineffective due to poor framerates


We’re not huge fans of overzealous security camera deployment, but if you’re going to spend taxpayer money deploying nannycams, at least make sure they’re capturing more than one frame every two seconds — the rate at which San Francisco’s $900,000 system is running. Continue reading

It seems that we will have the Windows 7 2011-2009


According to industry sources in the IT version of the new Microsoft operating system would be available for the second half of 2009, within a year and a half or so. The first test version of Windows 7 has already been sent to business partners in the process of assessing the characteristics and the road map of development aims 2009 as the date for distribution to the general public of this new version of Microsoft software star. Continue reading

Nikon D60, specifications


Strange to approach both WFP and Nikon 2008 almost without airing. Today it has done with the alleged leakage of the press release announcing that he would be with the future Nikon D60 and new objectives. Continue reading

Qtrax, heir of Napster

The record companies are beginning to understand what is behind the film and its continuing efforts to avoid sharing networks-in this relentless fight fell queen of the board, Napster-supported P2P service. It was hoped that this midnight United States saw birth Qtrax, which will be available to Internet users 30 million songs, but the program in its beta version is not yet available. The new exchange system has achieved approval of the record companies for two reasons: the advertising revenues and the certainty that the songs may not be roasting on a CD because of a system that prevents this. Continue reading