New series X Sharp LCD televisions, with thickness of 3.5 cm


That Sharp in a press conference in Japan to announce a new series of models of LCD TVs within its range is not something that is extraordinary. But of all the new models are some of those who did not want to stop talk.

The new AQUOS LCD televisions come with the X series, in sizes 37, 42 and 46 inches, fairly large as we see, and all of them with a thickness of only 1.4 inches, centimeters come to be about 3.5. These are teams with 1080p resolution, technology 120 Hz and contrast of 15.000:1.

From HDMI connections going very well, because it has three entries 1.3a, we ensure that they will not be removing and placing wires therefore allows up to three high definition sources at the same time. The audio is also very well cared for with outlets for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.
The new televisions leaving time for sale in Japan priced between 3,300 dollars and 4,500.

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