Cards with more capacity in 2008 the future of the Blu-Ray


Being an exhibition of photography and camera increasingly demanding both in terms of capacity and speed of reading and writing data, nobody was surprised that they presented a series of memory cards within this new framework that is being held in Las Vegas. What strikes us most of these ads is the incredible storage capacity that is being achieved with this type of flash memory, which means that every day we have more clear that the future does not pass storage systems such as Blu-ray or HD DVD, but has fully flash memory and storage online. I am more with a TV slot for memory cards or disk SSD high-capacity integrated and Internet connection to download content with an obsolete player Blu-Ray or HD DVD. Sorry, but that is what I believe will happen.

Having said that we are introducing the new SDHC Sandisk card with a capacity of 32 GB and SDHC Class 4 and 16 GB of Kingston. As the second is less impressive, we turn to a series comentaros data model Sandisk.

The new card belongs to the range Ultra II of the mark, is a 4-speed and ensures working with her 15 MB / s, which makes it ideal for camcorders that use SDHC cards to store content AVCHD format, or to the new digital SLR already are moving to this type of card as a storage device.

Will cost about $ 350 and will go on sale in April along with a USB card reader.

Via | ScanDiskĀ 

  1. February 1st, 2008
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