RIM prepares an accessory for its music Blackberry


If this accessory finally saw the light, that it will, RIM has entered fully into a field that we do not know for sure whether he benefits. They have already made amagos with models of its BlackBerry Pearl, and has gone so well that at the time that the mail in mobility is a reality not only for the employer or self-employed, but for many individuals, they are not going to limit to professionals and are viewed with keen to enter a market jugosĂ­simo, prosumer and the average consumer. Because who knows the history of RIM, dominant absolute lso equipment for mail and work in business, surely it was not expected that soon may be getting an accessory for its music Blackberry, devices that have always been considered outside the scope of entertainment and multimedia. But times are changing and we must adapt or die.

For the moment the market will be launched with the accessory that you see above, a team that will be connected to a speaker system via Bluetooth and receive music of our beloved BlackBerry. Indeed it is a team unrivaled in the market, and could even work with other phones with A2DP among its specifications, but this is RIM and that is the most important concept for the future of the mark by which the accessory itself.

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