Rumor: Playstation 3 Slim


I was not going to comment on anything on the subject, but after seeing in many places I have no choice but to give my opinion. I talk about the rumor of a redesign of the Playstation 3 version that come in slim, that is much thinner than the current one.

This rumor leaves T3, a British magazine, which shows images even imagine how it could be this console. Sony already has us accustomed to this kind of movement, they did so with previous models of Playstation and also with the laptop. In addition, the new Blu-ray lasers smaller this would be very workable.

What I do not block is the date of onset, which is supposed to be in the autumn of this year. I think it is still not enough time has passed since the console output and there is still room for further squeeze the current model. In my opinion, Sony still draw some other versions with the same design, while increasing the hard drive, as rumoreaba and along with the commanders with vibration.

More Info | T3

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