Slacker Portable ¿It would be the final?


After a first delay in November anunciábamos in December and could buy Slacker Portable, but neither was the case. We have no choice but to take philosophy and patience with the announcement of the new company in which it reaffirmed that yes, now they begin to sell the player.

With this type of equipment as ghost, whose leader is the Optimus keyboard, one would become a very strange feeling.

We hope that this time it is final and can be bought and hold the Slacker Portable, which follows the philosophy of not just being a team portable music store where our favourite topics of fitness, but a radio receiver and topics that I receive via WiFi because I created my channel, I have chosen the music that I like and the system is constantly being adapted to my tastes. Then I update the music player. In addition, receive additional information on the screen of the item and artist playing equipment.

The screen is big, 4-inch, as we said, has not been used to view video content, a point that could have been improved in this time of continuous restrasos because in the era of Internet video, a screen like that and connectivity WiFi should be better exploited.

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