GoldVish open a store in Geneva, and will sell its mobile “Le Million”… the mobile more expensive in the world (€ 1,298 million)


Next month GoldVish (manufacturers more expensive in the world in mobile telephony), opened a store in Geneva, Switzerland.

The location of this store, as expected, will be located where they are the major stores watchmakers and jewelers world-renowned… But the “icing” This store will be the world’s most expensive cellphone: “Le Million” that even the collection has been certified by Guinness World Records as the most expensive mobile in the world, with a value of € 1298 million.

Each diamond of this mobile costs between € 20,300 and 124,400 €… is made of 18 carats gold, and it comes in yellow, white or pink, inlaid with crocodile skin Twelve available in interchangeable colors.

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