LG KF510, ultra thin design


The news of LG in this fair of mobile phones, we had to sift through a model, the LG KF510. This is the model of LG to highlight design and for being an ultra, but has not missed a facet in which stresses the photo. In addition, the front area has a touch that makes use of the interface to Sacha did not end yesterday when tried to convince the filing of his brothers. The exterior is made of metal and tempered glass, which gives solidity despite its slim body: 10.9 mm. That figure, and that will be sold in two colors, which you see at the top, already knew. Now it has been confirmed.

For example, the camera is 3 megapixels with image stabilization, and red-eye reduction flash LED. The phone also records video, plays the same at QVGA and has MP3 player.

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