GDC 2008: ‘Quake Live’free, and in the browser


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Id Software has announced at the GDC this year that will work with the company IGA Worldwide (one of the leading companies in advertising in video games) for the conduct of a free version of Quake that may gamble with a web browser. The game will be called Quake Live and has already opened a web page in which you can leave an e-mail to participate in the beta (not yet know when). You might arise doubts about what a Web browser can move a Quake that will live up to what they expect fans of the saga. But, memory, I recall an excellent Phosphor Alpha 4 showing that the boys from Id Software can do a great job. The result at the chart will probably not live up to their latest versions for PC or console, but to change the multiplayer experience can be more than interesting. Surely will generate a huge community thanks to its free, and I am sure that this fact will build IGA Worldwide director for all kinds of activities (tournaments, events sponsored ,…) to implement its business model.

In any case it is good news that once again one of the classic sagas and also do it in a different way, with a bold gamble. If it works the invention may mark a new direction for FPS online.

    • cesar leonardo moreno
    • February 26th, 2008

    hey parce tiene una chimba de pagina lo felicito cuidese y siga asi
    que usted sabe que es una promesa para la tecnologia colombiana

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