LG Secret

LG Secret is finally the model that the creative mark the famous Chocolate has been removed from the sleeve in an event held in London and a few minutes ago where Xataka was present. The LG Secret is the third element of the series Black Label, in which we already have the cited Chocolate and the most recent LG Shine. In addition of design, this LG Secret boasts camera of 5 megapixels, unheard of in a terminal so thin.

The phone LG Secret has been built fleeing from the traditional materials, nothing of plastic. The casing is carbon fibre, which gives hardness and at once lightly. On the other hand, the screen, which every day is more protagonist of the mobile terminals and suffers from much more than before, is covered by a shield of tempered glass.


Display The display has a size of 2.4 inches, with resolution of 240×320 and 262,000 colors, and is touch type. It is one of the strengths of this terminal, which has left us very good prints in their presentation in London. A strong point of this LG Secret is in the dual user interface, which leaves us manage the phone by keyboard and through the touch screen. The tactile system is called Neon Touch Navigation, responding to the keystrokes with light effects in blue. The display, with the touch of a button, moves from traditional and touch when so wish. To save battery, very important in telephone with large screens, with a sensor lighting that adjusts the brightness depending on conditions. And it is capable of changing its guidance.

Via: Xataka

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