Sony Ericsson G502

The Sony Ericsson G502 has finally come to light officially. After the rumours we already have the data and images of this new telephone of Sony Ericsson.

The Sony Ericsson G502 has been confirmed as a phone with connectivity HSDPA and a weight rather limited, of barely 80 grams. In addition is thin and compact, with 13.5 mm thick. The phone is designed from the principle to harness its connectivity HSDPA and navigate and download content of the Internet. We underscore the customer of POP3/IMAP and different added or widgets that leave us in the’s desk phone a series of data as the forecast of time or an RSS reader.

The display, as we anticipated, is only two inches, too small to seize all possibilities of navigation of the terminal. The resolution of the same is of 240×320 pixels with 262,000 colors, which in spite of its size makes it a display of quality.

As to the camera photos of Sony Ericsson G502, basic element in the chambers of today, the quality not accompanies as much as we have accustomed Sony Ericsson. A sentence because include a Cyber Shot in this model could have boosted much more. We are in this case speaking of two megapixels resolution, digital zoom 4X and video recording.

Curious we has proved that incorporates the function A-GPS in this phone Sony Ericsson G502, which does not imply that have integrated GPS, but that has been designed to extend him a GPS receiver external and we can enjoy the improvement of the A-GPS.

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