The 25% of portable disks will be SSD for 2011

Everyone has spoken of the virtues of the disks SSD compared to the traditional hard drives, and although in some cases are not large differences in other seem to work well. What does seem that we all agree that will be the storage of the future. Is this near future?. According Toshiba, in 2011 25% of the already used portable SSD.

At today are very few laptops that use. The MacBook Air is possibly the most known to everyone, but other manufacturers as Sony, Dell or Toshiba, among others, include in their respective catalogues portable, always optionally, include the infamous solid state disk.

They are also known both the advantages and disadvantages of both devices, finding that the SSD are somewhat more rapid, light and with a lower consumption that discs traditional, but more expensive and with a limited life, but also more secure. However, the main problem is in the price and in which for many is a reduced capacity, although I see the 100 GB more than enough in a notebook.

Curiously today Toshiba introduced a SSD of 512 GB, with launch date of the market scheduled for the end of 2009. It is curious that both news have coincided in a period of time rather small, just four days, but this is interesting as follows: with the launch of the disk of 512 GB SSD beyond by 2009, Toshiba could reduce the price of your disks SSD smaller quite significantly, thus making the smaller disks SSD 64 or 128 GB are at prices far more asequib smaller disks SSD 64 or 128 GB are at prices much more affordable, and therefore the final customer interest in them.

Y esto es por supuesto con lo que cuentan desde la compañía Japonesa, quien indica que a día de hoy los discos SSD tienen unos precios de unas 6.5 veces el precio de un disco duro de 2.5 normal, y que esperan que el mercado vaya reduciendo esos precios en un 50% cada año.

And this is of course with what they have since the company Japanese, who indicated that today disks SSD have prices of some 6.5 times the price of a hard disk of 2.5 norm

al, and who look to the market will reduce these prices in a 50% each year.

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