GTA IV’ in PS3 works with 620p & on Xbox360 at 720p. ¿WTF?

Or at least that is what ensure various forums and specialized web pages the sector, as Kotaku or Eurogamer. It seems that the version of ‘GTA IV’ that has been developed for PS3 operates at a resolution that not just be HD, we are going to 620 lines of resolution instead of the 720 to which we are accustomed. But calm, as we noted recently, the power visual the title remains excellent.

Perhaps the small problemillas that emerged for an end to buttress the title in PS3 or directly a decision aesthetics, it is true that the reduction in resolution has been compensated with a series of effects of post process that a priori make the title will be even more resultón that in the version of Xbox360. They concern that higher resolution with teeth saw, the blur, the depth of field, etc. plotted effects rare and visually unpleasant.

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