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The Expansion Pack For Sims 2 “Ikea Home Stuff”

yeah the new expansion pack it is Ikea furniture. The Swedish multinational has managed to see the potential of the game to promote their products (and vice versa, since the Ikea furniture with fans around the world). The truth is that the alliance could not be better, because if there is any case of product placement justified in a video game, this certainly is.

Oficial Site | Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff

GTA IV’ in PS3 works with 620p & on Xbox360 at 720p. ¿WTF?

Or at least that is what ensure various forums and specialized web pages the sector, as Kotaku or Eurogamer. It seems that the version of ‘GTA IV’ that has been developed for PS3 operates at a resolution that not just be HD, we are going to 620 lines of resolution instead of the 720 to which we are accustomed. But calm, as we noted recently, the power visual the title remains excellent. Continue reading

GDC 2008: ‘Quake Live’free, and in the browser


Oficial Site | Quake Live

Via | TFOT

Id Software has announced at the GDC this year that will work with the company IGA Worldwide (one of the leading companies in advertising in video games) for the conduct of a free version of Quake that may gamble with a web browser. The game will be called Quake Live and has already opened a web page in which you can leave an e-mail to participate in the beta (not yet know when). Continue reading

Trailer de ‘Bully: Scholarship Edition’


Take2 Spain, we have sent the first trailer for the new ‘Bully: Scholarship Edition’. You know that on this occasion we will continue the adventures of Jimmy Hopkins both Xbox360 and Wii.

The trailer shows the same scenario we know of the PS2 version, but with much greater definition and some effects of post-processing. Addressing some glazes that have the characters. Will this trailer a good illustration of what we depararán final versions? Continue reading

Rumor: Playstation 3 Slim


I was not going to comment on anything on the subject, but after seeing in many places I have no choice but to give my opinion. I talk about the rumor of a redesign of the Playstation 3 version that come in slim, that is much thinner than the current one.

This rumor leaves T3, a British magazine, which shows images even imagine how it could be this console. Sony already has us accustomed to this kind of movement, they did so with previous models of Playstation and also with the laptop. In addition, the new Blu-ray lasers smaller this would be very workable. Continue reading

Saw Announced


January 30, 2008 – At Brash Entertainment’s recent press event, i received word that a game based on the Saw movie franchise is in development. This information was delivered through a teaser trailer that featured the Jigsaw puppet explaining that we as game journalists were wasting our lives in the industry — so i take his word for it. Continue reading



Well maybe some people already know about this game, but maybe others don’t even know a thing about it ,well i’m gonna make like little review about the game.

  • Developer, Distributor, designer & Publisher | Artix Entertainment
  • Release |October 1, 2007
  • Genre | RPG
  • Mode | Single-Player
  • Requeriments | Adobe Flash Player 8.0 Or Later


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