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Earth Day

Well, actually my blog isn’t a global new blogs just a technology new and softwares news but its good to remember that today 22th is the Earth Day, various companies celebrates it, so i would do it two.

So “Happy” Earth Day

What Happens When You Public Something In A blog

What you asked what happens when you publish in your blog? In WIRED us explain with a picture (animation)…


Click On Image To See Animation Too.

Use Firefox

If you are those who still using IE or worse… IE6. This post is for you:


  • Enjoy a Better Web Experience
  • Stay safe on the web
  • Customize your browser

    All this thing can’t be done by IE.


    What are You waiting For?



    This blog, and millions more Use Firefox:

    Best Displayed with Firefox…
    And with any other browser that complies with the standards


    She Already is Using it ¿And U?

    Get It Now

    So Forget About IE And Try This


    And You’ll Fell Better Using Firefox.

    Note: This post was made with some recopilations from:” & ““.

    Announcement By “D4RKN3SS”

    Softhack Logo

    This announcement from me “D4rkn3ss” well i just wanted to tell u that i change my page name like maybe some people have realized that I changed it from “Softs-Hacks & Others” to “Softs-News & Others” ,well my explanation for this is that I had promised since I made my blog i was going to put some tricks & tips of hacking , but so far I have not done that ,because well i don’t know if u would like that kind of posts so I would like some help to decide whether to put Tricks $ Tips of hacking or leave my blog just like it is with post of software, news and among others.

    You help will be appreciated with comments and votes.

    Thanks for Taking the time to read this post i hope you vote if u have any other any just leave a comment or contact me.



    Free Gifts Including PS3 And Wii

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    Here i Put the How It Works Graphic And down Remember To Subscribe Here