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For those who had hoped that the HD DVD could recover… seems that after the recommendations of Best Buy as a form of “choice” together with the recommendations of Netflix… simply HD DVD is going.

Although a small light is on the horizon thanks to Microsoft and Toshiba obviously.

Shareapic Pays You To Host Pictures


Picture and file hosting has established credentials as a business idea. As the cost of storage has rapidly decreased as social networking has boomed picture hosting has been a hot vertical. There’s no shortage of sites in this space, and easy money to be had. At the very top Photobucket was acquired by MySpace for $250 million. Continue reading


Today via Digg an excellent collection of images that shows the different types of Geek… the question is what kind of Geek are you? ….

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Google Street View Blurs Faces, Still Shows Privates [Caught]


Google Street View will soon cease to be fun. Because while we were once able to enjoy the antics of strangers photographically busted outside of kiddie strip clubs, Google has announced that they will begin blurring all faces and license plates in Europe’s soon-to-be-launched version of Google Street View. And according to a Google rep, the US will likely follow in the future. Seriously though, this is good news.

If only so Haroon can finally argue to his “girlfriend” that maybe it wasn’t him…sitting in his car…filled to the brim with scantily clad transvestite hookers. [infoworld via therawfeed and image]

Geek In Love


 Geek In Love is a comic that can be seen in…

Geek In Love

User And Pass



Would anyone try to buy this for they girlfriends?