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Qtrax, heir of Napster

The record companies are beginning to understand what is behind the film and its continuing efforts to avoid sharing networks-in this relentless fight fell queen of the board, Napster-supported P2P service. It was hoped that this midnight United States saw birth Qtrax, which will be available to Internet users 30 million songs, but the program in its beta version is not yet available. The new exchange system has achieved approval of the record companies for two reasons: the advertising revenues and the certainty that the songs may not be roasting on a CD because of a system that prevents this. Continue reading

“Sphericals” project takes DIY speakers to eye-catching new levels


While the idea of DIY speakers may not strike most folks as the type of thing they’d want to show off in their living room, the so-called “Sphericals” project from Parts Express puts as much emphasis on form as on function, and should at least appeal to those with more adventuresome taste. Continue reading

My Top 20 Of Electronic Music

It’s a collection of some of my electronic songs, I select the best 20 of this year, the songs are from different artists and i choose the most popular are heard in my country colombia and some online, hope that you enjoy it.

Part 1
Part 2

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