Flickr Releases New Geographical Features

Yahoo’s popular photo sharing site Flickr will release on Monday the two new geography-related features we reported on a month ago: Flickr Places and a new world map.

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One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator Rips Without a PC

TEAC’s One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator will rip your CDs, or DVDs, without the need for a connection to a PC. That is enough information for us to decide we like it; it is simple and it can copyright infringe in around 6 minutes flat, thanks to the 48x CD drive read speed / 16x DVD read speed. Nice—but don’t use it to copyright infringe, or you shall be hunted down like a dog (Well actually I do not care what that says but I respect the work of the author of this)and be made to pay like a millionaire pooch. We like it for its law abiding backup qualities, of course. The 8MB internal buffer might mean you have a few error reads, but at $349.95, if you intend on copying media on the regular, give your PC’s fans a rest and grab one of these to do the dirty work instead.

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Brooke Burke Pack I


This pack contains a collection of 45 photos from the Sexy and Beautiful Brooke Burke; are selected photos where she shows her great beauty and sensuality.

Angelina Jolie Pack I

Pack I


This pack is a collection of the best photos of the sexy and beautiful Angelina Jolie, is a collection of 38 images which presents the best of Angelina Jolie her beauty and sensuality.


IMVU – The World’s Greatest 3D Chat

IMVU is the best Chat 3D on the Web, in this chat is possible to make an incredible experience that you can not experience in another Chat.
Some features of this Chat is the possibility of being able to create your own avatar, it is possible to fully customize the style of your avatar, meet people from all over the world to have more friends with who to chat anytime. You can also join groups around the entire site, invite friends to join into this incredible chat, u also can buy things for your avatar either clothing, luxuries, pets and even objects for your lot,house or mansion.
This is an excellent chat where you find who are looking for and what you are looking for.



LimeWire Ultra Accelerator


LimeWire Ultra Accelerator is a utility to increase the speed of downloads from LimeWire. It’s really helpful when you have a non-Pro version of LimeWire, but if you have one it will speed up further your downloads.

LimeWire Pro 4.14.8

limewire.jpgLimeWire is an application that lets you exchange files User-to-user using the Gnutella network.
LimeWire is similar to Ares, but the difference between Both is that LimeWire is more secure and faster than Ares; Although LimeWire sometimes may not have Files that u could be able to find in Ares, but is better to be sure that with LimeWire The O.S will be free of virus.
But i also clarifies that Ares has improved in recent times and it is somewhat safer than before. LimeWire also has filters for searches, the ability to browse the files of users, and the ability to connect to different groups of Gnutella based on the geographical location, speed or content.
It is very fast with the searches, and also keeps several at once.