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The Expansion Pack For Sims 2 “Ikea Home Stuff”

yeah the new expansion pack it is Ikea furniture. The Swedish multinational has managed to see the potential of the game to promote their products (and vice versa, since the Ikea furniture with fans around the world). The truth is that the alliance could not be better, because if there is any case of product placement justified in a video game, this certainly is.

Oficial Site | Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff

Motorola CABO bringing RAZR 2 style to iDEN?


Wow, never thought we’d see the day that an iDEN handset came along that lacked that distinct iDENness. Motorola will definitely set that marketplace on fire if this beautifully RAZR 2-esque thing actually proves to be real, check out the frickin external screen on this thing! Featuring a 3 megapixel camera, external touch screen — we’re not positive if this only refers to the controls pictured above — Bluetooth, support for up to a 6 GB SD card, and have we mentioned how glorious the whole thing looks? Look for this to land Q4 this year, that is, if it ever gets out of Photoshop the design room. Color us pretty unsure until we hear more.

Limited Edition Zune 2 is probably worth more than your life


What do you get a gadget geek who has everything for Christmas? Try one of the gold-plated Limited Edition Zunes–if you can get your hands on one. Microsoft partnered up with the company Goods to sell only TEN limited edition Zunes in 8GB and 80GB (that makes 20 all in all) for the big hip-hop launch party that Microsoft and Zune sponsored for Goods. Continue reading

Molyneux announce ‘Fable 2’ for Finals of 2008


During the GDC last May, Peter Molyneux and went to work its always-oiled machinery of hype at the beginning of its promise and promise everything that ‘Fable 2’ will come to give it at its launch for XBox 360, console it hopes to achieve to carry out all that was left by the wayside in the development of the first installment of this RPG in the previous machine from Microsoft. Continue reading