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RIM Engineers Call Touchscreen Blackberry “Apple Killer”

A New York Times story about the iPhone’s assault on Blackberry-maker RIM has a couple of interesting bits in it, notably that RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis isn’t a fan of touchscreens (“I couldn’t type on it and I still can’t type on it, and a lot of my friends can’t type on it”) but RIM’s hard at work on the long-rumored touchscreen Blackberry anyway, which RIM engineers have privately dubbed “the A.K.—for ‘Apple Killer.'” Continue reading

Photos: MacBook bare…



People of iFixit is dedicated to disarm the new Apple MacBook Air and discovered a number of interesting things: a box easy to disarm, a Samsung hard drive, 80GB, and the chip of the trackpad is the same that is used on the iPod Touch and iPhone: Broadcom BCM5974. With this type of chip, Apple could introduce a lot of upgrades through software. The battery can be changed to remove 19 screws… and here are the pictures: Continue reading

All Those Unlocked iPhones May Be Costing Apple $300 Million [Unlocked Iphones]


Both Fortune and Marketwatch are saying that all the unlocked iPhones, which make up about a third of the total phones sold, may be costing Apple $300 million in future revenue kickbacks from cellphone providers. And if Apple doesn’t stop the unlocking madness, what’s the incentive for a provider to pony up that revenue sharing in the first place?


MacBook Air Review


The MacBook Air is driving me insane. I want it like no other hardware. It’s thin, yea, ok, we know this. And many power users have been bitching for more: 3G, bigger storage, more USB ports, and an internal drive. If you feel that way, this computer isn’t for you. I’ll go ahead and call it the most simple, focused, and beautiful laptop ever. And the MacBook Air’s shortcomings matter no more than the discomfort that fashionistas endure while wearing high heels, or car fanatics do when they have to fill up their tanks twice a week in their 5MPG sports cars. It just doesn’t matter to those who are smitten. For the rest of you, here are the facts. Continue reading

Interview: Sony’s Thoughts On the MacBook Air


During the Keynote, Jobs compared the Macbook Air to Sony’s TZ ultraportable, implying it had a small keyboard and screen, was too thick, and was not that good. Here’s what Sony thinks of the Apple MacBook Air:

Mike Abary, senior vice president of VAIO product marketing, thought the engineering to get a laptop that thin was extremely impressive. But Sony had a similiar vision for an ultraportable once, a carbon fiber notebook in 2004 called the X505 (above) that eschewed the optical and was 0.3 inches thick (compared to 0.16 of the Air) at its thinnest segment. It wasn’t that well received, and research later pointed out that “Thinness is not the holy grail”. Making something that thin and sexy cost it too much usability. (Many of you agree in the comments on Giz.) Continue reading

The apple of sin… remote view


A remote control designed for the selfish, greedy always dislike, which is when another of this planet enunciates the phrase fearful: Do I lend the control remote? Continue reading

January: month of possible surprises from Apple


If you say that Apple is preparing a macbook Ultraslim and aluminum for January do not discover anything new. We have commented more than once. The rumor certainly has become these days, with the very real possibility that the hard disk is to use type flash, a SSD to an incredible autonomy, which together with the lower weight and the finish and LED display render it a team that must be taken.

Continue reading