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NEC’s Liquid Flask Phone Shows Exactly How Much Battery is Left [Cellphones]


We don’t have many details, but this NEC flask phone seems to be a combination of being liquid-powered and touch-screened, and is so crazy advanced that we think it’s probably a prototype. According to NEC, however, it’s going to be released some time in 2008. We think it’s cool that the liquid inside will drain as you’re using the phone, allowing you to see just how much power you have left. Here’s to hoping this isn’t a Japan-only release. [via Textually]

Panasonic’s Evolta Batteries Last The Longest, and They Have a Guinness Record to Prove It

Panasonic Evolta

It looks like the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records took some time away from determining how many frat boys can fit into a Volkswagen to bestow the title of “world’s longest-lasting AA alkaline battery cell” onto Panasonic’s new EVOLTA. According to their findings, EVOLTAs have a 10 year shelf-life —which is nearly double the duration of other products on the market.Panasonic’s EVOLTA batteries will also keep gadgets running up to 20% longer than offerings from Duracell and Energizer —as well as their own Oxyride brand. Unfortunately, US residents are going to have to wait until sometime later this year to get their hands on the product —but Japanese customers can power up starting on April 28th for about $5.40 for a pack of four. [Canadian Press via Inventor Spot]

Luxury, meet ridiculous: the Mobiado Luminoso battery cover flash drive


If you’re carrrying around a Mobiado Luminoso cell phone, it’s a safe bet you might be interested in Bissol’s brass-encased 4GB flash drives — so why not jack the ritz factor by combining them in Mobiado’s new battery cover for the Luminoso, which features a storage / display compartment for the included drive? That’s right — Mobiado asked itself what its customers wanted, and came up with a custom battery cover that only holds an opulent brass flash drive. Damn, we knew we weren’t exactly the target market, but you’d think they’d at least try to go quadband first.

Sony announces PSP Extended Life Battery Kit


Some three years ago, everyone and their PSP-lovin’ cousin was moaning about the miserable battery life of Sony’s PlayStation Portable, and while the outfit did unveil the Stamina Battery for the original PSP-1000, we’re quite pleased to see an extended pack being offered up for it and the new, oh-so-slim PSP-2000. Continue reading