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Cards with more capacity in 2008 the future of the Blu-Ray


Being an exhibition of photography and camera increasingly demanding both in terms of capacity and speed of reading and writing data, nobody was surprised that they presented a series of memory cards within this new framework that is being held in Las Vegas. Continue reading

Microsoft Still Isn’t Going Blu-ray, Really


1UP posted an interview from CES with Jeff Bell, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Global Marketing for Interactive Entertainment, in which he mentions that Microsoft has “been talking to Blu-ray all along because we have the best piece of software in the business, called HDi. It is the backbone that powers interactivity in HD-DVD and we have that available to potentially partner with others.” The natural specu-reaction is that Microsoft/Blu-ray is on. Well, it’s not. Continue reading

Sony Reduces Blu-ray Lasers’ Size and Cost


With Blu-ray destroying the competition, the availability of cheaper units is going to be a big part in the future success of the format. That is why Sony’s recent success in shrinking the basic Blu-ray reader/writer module is a turn for the better. The new modules will pave the way for thinner drive bays and cheaper players. Continue reading

Blu-ray is leading the war of the formats in Europe


Sony has announced that sales of Blu-ray discs in Europe have exceeded one million units.

Of all the movies in high definition purchased by consumers this year in Europe, 73% of them have been bought in Blu-ray format, according to Gfk Media Control International.
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