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Gold-plated MacBook

We’ve already seen the MacBook Air bathed in gold and crystals, but it seems that people just can’t leave well enough alone, with the folks at Computer Choppers (no strangers to gilded Macs) only the latest to spare no expense in taking the laptop to heights of tackiness that no one from Cupertino would ever dare dream of. That includes 24kt gold plating over the entire laptop and, in a final stake through El Jobso’s heart, an Apple logo ensconced in multi-colored sapphires — not to mention a polished gold SuperDrive to go along with it. If your eyes can take it, you can find a few more pics in the gallery below.

Google Maps Integrates Video, Book & Photo Results


A Google Maps search may now return location markers showing videos from YouTube, books from Google Book search, or geo-tagged photos from Panoramio*. Continue reading

My Book™ 1 TB Network Storage System


Network Storage System for Remote Access and Sharing.

Add this unique remote-access storage system to your wired or wireless network and you’ll have a surprisingly simple and secure way to access and share data and photos, at home, in the office, and anywhere in the world–even when your local computer is off. Continue reading

January: month of possible surprises from Apple


If you say that Apple is preparing a macbook Ultraslim and aluminum for January do not discover anything new. We have commented more than once. The rumor certainly has become these days, with the very real possibility that the hard disk is to use type flash, a SSD to an incredible autonomy, which together with the lower weight and the finish and LED display render it a team that must be taken.

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