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Digital Mobile Clock with camera and Bluetooth… 1.3MP


It seems that it is putting this fashion watches with mobile including, where Web Cell Phone Watch, gives this model for only $ 154.

This digital clock comes with Bluetooth and mobile phone including GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz tri-band, also comes with a 1.3MP camera, the player with support for MP3 and MP4 formats and a microSD slot that supports sizes up to 2GB.

The size of the touch screen is 1.3 “TFT LCD with a resolution of 128 × 160.

San Francisco security cameras ineffective due to poor framerates


We’re not huge fans of overzealous security camera deployment, but if you’re going to spend taxpayer money deploying nannycams, at least make sure they’re capturing more than one frame every two seconds — the rate at which San Francisco’s $900,000 system is running. Continue reading

Nikon D60, specifications


Strange to approach both WFP and Nikon 2008 almost without airing. Today it has done with the alleged leakage of the press release announcing that he would be with the future Nikon D60 and new objectives. Continue reading

A Camera of 160 megapíxles…

160 Pxls Camera

High-end Swiss imaging specialist Seitz has released its latest eye-popper, 6-by-17-format camera that captures images at a whopping 160 megapixels, That means a single full-res image takes up nearly a gigabyte of space, so besides the challenge of schlepping the camera around, you’ll probably need a sherpa with a RAID cluster for storage. But, aah, the images — were talking panoramas to make armchair tourists drool. And think of the shutterbug envy you’ll generate from toting one of these babies. Suddenly, that SLR with 500mm lens seems absolutely amateur. Prices start at around $43,000 for the “compact” version.

This Time, Digital Camera Has Clone Offspring With Nano


Given the popularity of iPods and cameras, it is no surprise that we’ve seen this sort of thing before (albeit with the HDD-using iPod type). This time, however, BTL International clones and shoves a 2MP camera into the back of the current-gen Nano with its M2406 model. Continue reading

Wireless Spy Camera Pen


Fully functioning and normal looking pen with completely inconspicuous built in wireless mini spy camera, and also coming with an included solar charger for quick and easy recharging of the pen cameras built in Li-ion battery. Continue reading

Newman L1200


Newman has presented his new PMP called L1200, which emphasizes model to integrate a small digital camera on one side of the device.

This camera performs photographs with a resolution of 12 megapixels provides zoom 8 increases and can be rotated about 180 degrees. Continue reading