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Nokia’s “free” Comes with Music… and DRM and hidden fees


If mama taught us one thing about free offers, it’s read the fine print. Unfortunately, it was missing from Nokia’s unusually tight-lipped “Comes with Music” announcement yesterday. Fortunately, Ars Technica unearthed the dirty details for us. Nokia’s service is actually a first to fit under Universal’s Total Music plan whereby carriers or device manufacturers tithe Universal a fee of about $5 per month for each device sold. Continue reading

HTC Touch Clone Has GPS, But Still Runs Windows Mobile


If we were a Chinese company that made knockoff phones, we probably wouldn’t make a knockoff of the HTC Touch. Not that the phone is bad—it’s somewhat usable—but putting Windows Mobile 5 on any phone when WM6 is the standard now is kind of a bad idea. However, we would follow in their footsteps and beef up hardware features to include a GPS, a 2-megapixel camera and fingerprint security. We just wouldn’t put Windows Mobile 5 on it. [EC51 via Uber Gizmo]

Unlocked Treo 750s Now Available [Smartphones]

Palm Treo

Just in case you were interested, the first unlocked Treo 750s are now available to US customers at Palm retail and online stores. The device will come complete with Windows Mobile 6 and its HSDPA wireless data compatibility. You can pick one up for $549. [Product Page via MobileBurn]

[Via | Gizmodo]

Nokia envisions fingerprint-reading cellphone displays


Cellphones with built-in fingerprint scanners aren’t exactly revolutionary, but a recent patent application filed by Nokia could foreshadow mobile displays that recognize and react to biometric inputs. More specifically, the technology would see a touch-sensitive user interface that could allow / deny access or morph depending on what user swiped their finger. Continue reading

Motorola RAZR2 V8


¿Do you like the phone you see in the picture above? Well, Motorola has introduced this morning in Spain formally and surely that is a very successful sale.

The Motorola RAZR2 is the continuation of the strategy of the American company for a model that will draw a lot of impact and sales. The formula has not stopped giving successes, but leaves the company without defenses when another team comes out of competition you face plant.
Continue reading

The FBI continues Following more people thanks to mobile phones

Since it appeared phones with GPS there are all kinds of service that uses the geolocalizations and began concerns about privacy… but the reality is that before GPS, technology enabled call aGPS you locate someone with less than 30 meters from mistake depending on the amount of cellular antennas that were in the place where that person was located. Continue reading

Shoogle feedback mechanisms alert you of mobile messages, battery life

We’ve certainly heard of (and heard, too) cellphones pretending to be something they’re not, but Shoogle ups the ante by adding a level of utility that we wish was already widely available. By utilizing accelerometers, vibrators and internal speakers, the creators of Shoogle have conjured up software that enables users to check their mobile’s battery life and for unread / unheard messages by just shaking the handset. Continue reading