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Dell and Microsoft Team Up on (Red) PCs

Dell is working with
Microsoft on the project, which is expected to be announced later this week during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, wrote Lionel Menchaca, digital media manager at Dell.

Sales of the computers will benefit (Red), a project started by U2 singer Bono and Bobby Shriver, chairman of the Africa-focused charity Debt AIDS Trade Africa. Continue reading

Dell’s Aluminum Laptops Causing Electric Shocks?


The folks at CNET were surprised to discover that using some Dell laptops can result in electric shocks that “vary in strength from a gentle tingle to a sudden jolt.” They also noticed that the shocks occur when connecting peripherals to the laptops. It appears that the offending devices have been isolated to versions that feature a brushed-aluminum finish —namely the XPS M1330 and XPS M1530. Continue reading

Dell and its World of Warcraft Laptop


Is Fanatic World of Warcraft? In his attempt to customize their computers, a task that has been conducting a long time with success, Dell has joined with Blizzard and the hands have designed the Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft, a laptop adapted to the famous game. Continue reading

Dell launching Latitude XT tablet PC on the 11th


Oh, your holiday shopping budget just took a turn for the worse, dinnit? We’ve gotten a slew of reports from sources all agreeing that Dell intends to launch its forthcoming Latitude XT tablet PC on the 11th (next Tuesday). You already know the rest, we’ll see you next week for the launch of tablet PC the industry almost forgot.

[Via | Engadget]

Dell releases Precision T5400 and T7400 powerhouse workstations


When a regular consumer desktop just won’t serve your demanding computing needs, it’s time to go workstation, and Dell’s got a pair of new quad-core-packin’ models that are spec’ed to be some of the fastest on the planet. Continue reading