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Domino Flash Drive Great For Storage, Gambiling and Toppling Not So Much


Unlike many of the flash drive designs these days, the Domino concept by Marcos Breder adds adds a little extra fun and functionality into the mix. Each domino can be split into two separate drives, with the white dots indicating the remaining storage capacity. The problem is that playing an actual game of dominoes with these drives would be damn near impossible (so gambling is out) —and putting enough of them together to form a proper toppling pattern would require countless drives. Not that it matters all that much given the fact that this product doesn’t actually exist. [Yanko Design via Oh Gizmo]

Luxury, meet ridiculous: the Mobiado Luminoso battery cover flash drive


If you’re carrrying around a Mobiado Luminoso cell phone, it’s a safe bet you might be interested in Bissol’s brass-encased 4GB flash drives — so why not jack the ritz factor by combining them in Mobiado’s new battery cover for the Luminoso, which features a storage / display compartment for the included drive? That’s right — Mobiado asked itself what its customers wanted, and came up with a custom battery cover that only holds an opulent brass flash drive. Damn, we knew we weren’t exactly the target market, but you’d think they’d at least try to go quadband first.

Super Talent introduced the highest capacity PDS disk on the market


The company Super Talent Technology has introduced the solid state disk with greater capacity in the market today. This new device SSD has a capacity of 256GB and offers a SATA interface. This model SSD offers strong resistance to shock and vibration and low power consumption, as well as a great performance.Super Talent offered to purchasers of this SSD last generation a guarantee of 3 years, although not yet known its final price.

Toshiba Hoons Out 80GB Hard Drive For Autos


As a response to many companies and end users installing hard drives into cars for portable entertainment systems, Toshiba’s introducing the MK8050 hard drive that has increased shock tolerance and vibration dampening. The disk has a cushion of air around the head to prevent scratching, which causes data loss, swearing and begging. Expect to see it in GPS units and do-it-yourselfer kits next March. [Toshiba Storage via Electronista]