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Slacker Portable ¿It would be the final?


After a first delay in November anunciábamos in December and could buy Slacker Portable, but neither was the case. We have no choice but to take philosophy and patience with the announcement of the new company in which it reaffirmed that yes, now they begin to sell the player.

With this type of equipment as ghost, whose leader is the Optimus keyboard, one would become a very strange feeling. Continue reading

LimeWire Turbo 5.4.1 Final


If you use the file-sharing program LimeWire, this tool will help you optimize the program, speeding up downloads and avoiding disconnections.

Developed to traffic congestion in the file, this accelerator improves download speed and availability, through various methods.

Meets from a 200 to 400% increase in the speed of downloads. Its interface is very attractive and the program does not entail or adware, spyware or Trojans.


A new trailer for ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ is early to Come …


Another such authentic games desired by the universe jugón is’ Final Fantasy XIII ‘.

From the next day 12 and up to 23 of the same month Japan will take place in the Jump Party 2008, an event of enormous magnitude that focuses particularly on the manga and video games. It is in this scenario where Square Enix, among others, showing a new trailer of expected ‘FF XIII’. Continue reading

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0 – It’s finally here!

Sadly that I couldn’t bundle a user guide of this release together with the product since Maeroris doesn’t have much time to work on it and I already promised to release it in middle of this month (which seems to be late already). To be frank, this version is mainly the same to previous ones except “Aero Glass without WindowBlinds” and “WinFlip” f

eatured with overall improvements such as:
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