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The First OLED Lamp In the World

The Technology OLED have extended beyond the ultra-thin TV and monitors to appear as screen…The Desingner Ingro Marer with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Have luche the first screen OLED in the world, form by a series of slides with measures 10 x 18 with an output of 30 lm – 50 lm.

Besides these lamps have a low consumption and have no mercury, with an estimated life of about 5,000 hours, easy to place anywhere, certainly a great ecological invention.

YouTube And Its First High Quiality Video


At a resolution of 960 × 540 video requires a connection to 6 Mbps to enjoy real-time HD via YouTube.

As we announced a few days ago Steve Chen, co-founder of Youtube, video player YouTube is now able to provide content to high resolution.
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