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Google Maps adds the option of seeing the streets

Google follows increasingly refine the already famous Google Maps; last year it almost constantly updated with improvements as traffic, and the component to see images of the streets, Street View. Now in 44 areas of the US, Google offers images stored in Street View as part of the addresses, with the aim to give a visual reference point. Google presents it as icons of cameras; at points where account the sufficient data almost can remain in the modality gallery. The day on which we can see the complete pathname in images is much closer to what was believed.

Google questions Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo!


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers that the folks over at Google might not be totally stoked on the potential merger of Microsoft and Yahoo!. If you weren’t sure were the company stood on the issue, you can now get clued in thanks to a post on the official Google Blog earlier today. Continue reading

Google declares $10M Android competition open


The race to develop applications for Google’s new Android mobile phone platform is officially on after ‘cross-platform bugs’ in the submission system were fixed.

Google has allocated $10m to the competition which has been split into two parts. Challenge 1 will be accepting entries until March 3rd with a total prize pool of $5m.

The Android competition is designed to generate lots of apps, not just a few good ones, as the total prize available to any one entry is only $275,000. Continue reading

Google Profiles the Key to Spam Free Email?

Google introduces yet another services building block – Google Profiles.

A Google Profile lets you have a coherent identity and a simple way to manage your contacts across all services.
The new Google Profiles are already available in Shared Stuff, Google Maps, Google Reader and will be added to other web applications.
If Google now finds a why to have Google Profiles certified and tied to a real person, they could create finally a spam free email system. Something Microsoft did not pull of yet. Google is big enough that they could carry a new email network only consisting of verified members. It really would be time for a Spam free email communication, don’t you think so?

More details on the Google Systems blog.

Google Maps Integrates Video, Book & Photo Results


A Google Maps search may now return location markers showing videos from YouTube, books from Google Book search, or geo-tagged photos from Panoramio*. Continue reading

Google Reader: share tickets with your contacts of Gtalk & Gmail


Google Reader, according to the same movements that other Google applications in the past, just integrate contacts Gtalk to share a simpler way tickets that we seem interesting. Continue reading

Google Maps Catches Sophisticated High School Football Field Prank


There’s not much to add to this other than “ha ha, you got penis’ed”, but we’re somewhat curious as to how this thing went down. Was this a prank from a rival school? Was it self-inflicted? Is this their mascot? (Go Fighting Wangs!) Is it still there? We suppose it’s pretty apropos that the school is located on Shaft Road. [Google Maps]