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NDrive G800 GPS Uses Real Photography For Navigation

Even though this is UK and Ireland only, NDrive’s G800 GPS is notable because it’s the first GPS system we’ve heard of that uses real photography for navigation. How did the company get aerial views of everywhere in the UK? We have no idea. It also comes with videos, photos, e-books, music, games, FM transmitter, a 4.3-inch screen and Bluetooth. Continue reading

HTC Touch Clone Has GPS, But Still Runs Windows Mobile


If we were a Chinese company that made knockoff phones, we probably wouldn’t make a knockoff of the HTC Touch. Not that the phone is bad—it’s somewhat usable—but putting Windows Mobile 5 on any phone when WM6 is the standard now is kind of a bad idea. However, we would follow in their footsteps and beef up hardware features to include a GPS, a 2-megapixel camera and fingerprint security. We just wouldn’t put Windows Mobile 5 on it. [EC51 via Uber Gizmo]

Venturi intros CREW vn740 DMB-equipped GPS unit


We haven’t heard much from the Venturi that makes solar/wind-powered vehicles lately, but the Venturi that makes generic PMPs and GPS devices still seems to be kickin’ it, with it now showing off its new CREW vn740 model. Continue reading

Google unveils GPS-less handset locator technology

If your smartphone came with a built-in GPS receiver, you can choose to just overlook Google’s latest technology, but if your mobile is among the 85-percent (or so) out there lacking an integrated GPS module, listen up. The search giant has revealed new software (dubbed My Location) that enables non-GPS-equipped phones to be pinpointed within three miles of their actual location. Continue reading

Google Mobile Maps PinPoints Your Location Without GPS

google-maps-logo.pngGoogle has been adding features to its maps at a fast and furious pace. Yesterday, it was terrain and wiki-style collaboration for its Web-based maps. Continue reading

The FBI continues Following more people thanks to mobile phones

Since it appeared phones with GPS there are all kinds of service that uses the geolocalizations and began concerns about privacy… but the reality is that before GPS, technology enabled call aGPS you locate someone with less than 30 meters from mistake depending on the amount of cellular antennas that were in the place where that person was located. Continue reading

GPS Letter Logger promises to keep tabs on mail


It looks like the United States Postal Service is considering all its options for how it handles mail in the future, with it even go so far as to commission a GPS tracking system from TrackingTheWorld Inc. Among other things, the USPS apparently required the system to be able to report the position of a piece of mail at customizable time intervals, record down time, and interface with Google Earth, not to mention fit in a standard size envelope.
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