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Alienware gets official with Area-51 m15x, m17x laptops

While they don’t exactly come as much of a surprise after a couple of leaks and that little website slip-up, Alienware has finally gotten official with is new Area-51 m15x and m17x laptops, which each pack more power than you’ll likely need in your choice of two eye-catching designs. The m15x, as you can no doubt surmise, is a 15.4-inch model, which gives you enough room for dual hard drives, along with your choice of Core 2 Duo Extreme processors, NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX graphics, 667MHz DDR2 memory, and plenty of other high-end specs to match. The m17x appears to be identical in most respects, but its 17-inch display also affords just enough room for a third hard drive which, as we had heard earlier, can include SSD if you so choose. Still no word on a release date, but Alienware will gladly inform you of that little detail if you’re willing to hand over your email address.

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Yahoo Newspaper Partnership Expands, Total Now 555

Yahoo has signed 17 new newspapers to its newspaper partnership grouping, taking the total number of partners to approx 555 since launching in November 2006.

New partners include The Columbus Dispatch and 16 regional newspapers owned by The New York Times Company, but as the Wall Street Journal points out, not the NY Times itself.

The partnerships consist of three main services; syndication of local content on Yahoo, advertising powered by Yahoo on paper websites, and perhaps the biggest selling point: wholesale access for newspapers to list job ads on HotJobs. The last point provides a value-ad for newspapers when selling job listings as delivers the ability to sell for both their own print publications and online at a time where job advertising in moving more and more online only.

Google has this year started to cut its own syndication deals, but still doesn’t come close to the range and scope of Yahoo’s partner base.

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Flickr Releases New Geographical Features

Yahoo’s popular photo sharing site Flickr will release on Monday the two new geography-related features we reported on a month ago: Flickr Places and a new world map.

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One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator Rips Without a PC

TEAC’s One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator will rip your CDs, or DVDs, without the need for a connection to a PC. That is enough information for us to decide we like it; it is simple and it can copyright infringe in around 6 minutes flat, thanks to the 48x CD drive read speed / 16x DVD read speed. Nice—but don’t use it to copyright infringe, or you shall be hunted down like a dog (Well actually I do not care what that says but I respect the work of the author of this)and be made to pay like a millionaire pooch. We like it for its law abiding backup qualities, of course. The 8MB internal buffer might mean you have a few error reads, but at $349.95, if you intend on copying media on the regular, give your PC’s fans a rest and grab one of these to do the dirty work instead.

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