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The iPhone 3G with a smaller screen

The publication Taiwan Economic News assures us today that the new model of iPhone has a different configuration to the model now: weighs only 120 grams, compared to the 158 of EDGE, largely by the use of more plastic instead of aluminium-magnesium that both have become accustomed. Surprisingly say that the screen is smaller, and passes to 2.8 inches in diagonal compared to 3.5 of the model now. Meanwhile, AppleInsider speculation that Apple has begun to move several “models” false to put more confusion in the street, and not remove the element of surprise that Apple has enjoyed when they have launched new products.

iPhone 1.1.3 Update Coming by Saturday with New Features? [Rumor]

CNET France is pointing to “various rumors” that the iPhone will be getting a 1.1.3 update by the end of this week. And the two updates will both be welcome: voice recording, which is pretty self explanatory, and hard drive storage capabilities.

Similarly to an iPod, the iPhone will prohibit the drag and drop sharing of iTunes media, but it will support your other data transfers a la flash drive. It sounds like a solid update, even if there’s nothing Earth-shattering in the mix. (Oh, and of course those who’ve hacked their iPhones can expect the standard repercussions…blah blah…yada yada yada.)

[cnet via electronista]

Google Pre-Launches New iPhone Interface


A rumor was heard that Google was going to launch a new interface for users accessing the site via an iPhone in the next few days. But an anonymous tip let us know it actually launched without any warning or announcement this evening. Continue reading

WPhone; A Plugin To Use In WordPress From iPhone


For all the fans of iPhone and have a blog using WordPress here is WPHone.

Not unless you can make happy, it’s basically a plug that lets you manage the entire administrator WordPress from your iPhone or iPod Touch without having to make any kind of hacking or anything similar.

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