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GTA IV’ in PS3 works with 620p & on Xbox360 at 720p. ¿WTF?

Or at least that is what ensure various forums and specialized web pages the sector, as Kotaku or Eurogamer. It seems that the version of ‘GTA IV’ that has been developed for PS3 operates at a resolution that not just be HD, we are going to 620 lines of resolution instead of the 720 to which we are accustomed. But calm, as we noted recently, the power visual the title remains excellent. Continue reading

Street Fighter IV Development Announced

Street Fighter IV

Most gamers who have spent time playing game consoles will have fond memories of Street Fighter games. Capcom officially announced today that development is underway for a new Street ‘ fighter IV game.
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New Images Of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

 Final Cover


After a few days ago showed the final cover of the game  and the announce of a trailer for tomorrow, kids Rockstar have decided to do a little shorter waiting and publish a collection of catch that undoubtedly , the title is more interesting than are currently preparing its study veteran of Edinburgh. Continue reading

Revealed The Final Cover Of GTA IV


Rockstar continues revealing details of his game star with drabs. If exactly one month ago was revealed different boxart ‘GTA IV’ (in the absence of a final cover that remained secret) today, finally, Rockstar has shown the last and definitive cover of the game, which is still in line with deliveries previous.
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