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New Lenovo U110 Lunched Yesterday

The Lenovo U110 will be available from the online store of Lenovo from hoy… and in the shops of retailers from mid of the month of mayo… specifications more important for this laptop are: Continue reading

MSI releases the GX600 gaming laptop and GX700…for the ladies


We’re short on specifics, but MSI looks to be getting behind Intel’s upcoming 45nm Diamondville processor in a big way — a totally unsurprising turn of events. Diamondville is pretty much built from the ground up for powering low-cost ultraportables of the Eee PC’s ilk, so we’re sure to be seeing it in all sorts of cheap computers in the coming year or so, but MSI is one of the first to announce a budget laptop built around the platform. The chip is due to be formally unveiled in April, and MSI says the “when Diamondville is ready, our project will be ready.” That should be around July or August, and we can’t wait to see those design chops (pictured above) put to good use.

Dell’s Aluminum Laptops Causing Electric Shocks?


The folks at CNET were surprised to discover that using some Dell laptops can result in electric shocks that “vary in strength from a gentle tingle to a sudden jolt.” They also noticed that the shocks occur when connecting peripherals to the laptops. It appears that the offending devices have been isolated to versions that feature a brushed-aluminum finish —namely the XPS M1330 and XPS M1530. Continue reading

Phantom Lapboard now on sale, suckers rejoice


At this point we’re pretty certain Phantom’s shady, vaporous history is warning enough to anyone thinking about giving cash to the company, but the risk-takers out there might want to take note: Phantom’s oft-delayed Lapboard is now available for purchase. Of course, there’s no ship date listed and — true to Phantom form — the site’s SSL certificate is a little shady, but come on, you know you want to pony up your credit card number and let us know what happens.

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Dell and its World of Warcraft Laptop


Is Fanatic World of Warcraft? In his attempt to customize their computers, a task that has been conducting a long time with success, Dell has joined with Blizzard and the hands have designed the Dell XPS M1730 World of Warcraft, a laptop adapted to the famous game. Continue reading

Dell launching Latitude XT tablet PC on the 11th


Oh, your holiday shopping budget just took a turn for the worse, dinnit? We’ve gotten a slew of reports from sources all agreeing that Dell intends to launch its forthcoming Latitude XT tablet PC on the 11th (next Tuesday). You already know the rest, we’ll see you next week for the launch of tablet PC the industry almost forgot.

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January: month of possible surprises from Apple


If you say that Apple is preparing a macbook Ultraslim and aluminum for January do not discover anything new. We have commented more than once. The rumor certainly has become these days, with the very real possibility that the hard disk is to use type flash, a SSD to an incredible autonomy, which together with the lower weight and the finish and LED display render it a team that must be taken.

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