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Philips Xenium x800 also with touchscreen

In the war of phones with touch screen that we are living (just the beginning), Philips could join with his new Philips Xenium x800.

This phone Xenium x800 highlights first by design, with rounded shapes and screen that is confused and integrates fully with the carcass of a mobile phone. It will be touch, naturally, and is unlikely to take physical keyboard, so that everything will be controlled with the help of the interface, where you must work hard Philips.

The phone has Wi-Fi and accelerometer to the orientation of the screen change according to how they put the phone. It is very useful for surfing the Internet and play videos.

LG KF510, ultra thin design


The news of LG in this fair of mobile phones, we had to sift through a model, the LG KF510. This is the model of LG to highlight design and for being an ultra, but has not missed a facet in which stresses the photo. In addition, the front area has a touch that makes use of the interface to Sacha did not end yesterday when tried to convince the filing of his brothers. Continue reading

N-Gage is released to the owners of the Nokia N81


If you are one of those fortunate enough to have a Nokia N81 (it has been found in the N95 and seems to work), those invited by the team of N-Gage to get a pre-release version of the new application and start playing.

To register you can do it from this link, and then download the application… soon will have games like FIFA 08, 3 Asphalt World Series of Poker yMidnight Pool 3D.

Samsung launches its new mobile HSDPA DMB TV CH-W350 / SPH-W3500


Samsung has launched in the Korean market its new mobile CH-W350 / SPH-W3500 available on Anycall.

The CH-W350 / SPH-W3500 incorporate a tilting display in this way be able to watch TV in landscape mode… some of the features that we find ourselves in these mobiles are: 3MP camera, Bluetooth, 7.2Mbps, global WCDMA / GSM and DMB TV tuner.

These mobile are available in red and black.

Via | I4U News

Digital Mobile Clock with camera and Bluetooth… 1.3MP


It seems that it is putting this fashion watches with mobile including, where Web Cell Phone Watch, gives this model for only $ 154.

This digital clock comes with Bluetooth and mobile phone including GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz tri-band, also comes with a 1.3MP camera, the player with support for MP3 and MP4 formats and a microSD slot that supports sizes up to 2GB.

The size of the touch screen is 1.3 “TFT LCD with a resolution of 128 × 160.

GoldVish open a store in Geneva, and will sell its mobile “Le Million”… the mobile more expensive in the world (€ 1,298 million)


Next month GoldVish (manufacturers more expensive in the world in mobile telephony), opened a store in Geneva, Switzerland.

The location of this store, as expected, will be located where they are the major stores watchmakers and jewelers world-renowned… Continue reading

Angstrom Power to Offer Longer Battery Life

Motorola l7

Angstrom Power has developed a technology that offers twice the run-time of batteries and with recharge times on the order of 10 minutes, Angstrom’s EverOn capability promises to supplant the lithium ion batteries commonly used in today’s portable electronic devices. Continue reading