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The Motorola A810 with touchscreen and Linux… in the FCC

Motorola continues with updating his department of motives, which now the FCC teaches us its new model A810, which comes with a touch screen and operating system the great Linux… as can be seen in the photo, this model comes with few buttons of hardware, the keyboard is included on the screen, besides having handwriting recognition to hand and FM radio.

Motorola CABO bringing RAZR 2 style to iDEN?


Wow, never thought we’d see the day that an iDEN handset came along that lacked that distinct iDENness. Motorola will definitely set that marketplace on fire if this beautifully RAZR 2-esque thing actually proves to be real, check out the frickin external screen on this thing! Featuring a 3 megapixel camera, external touch screen — we’re not positive if this only refers to the controls pictured above — Bluetooth, support for up to a 6 GB SD card, and have we mentioned how glorious the whole thing looks? Look for this to land Q4 this year, that is, if it ever gets out of Photoshop the design room. Color us pretty unsure until we hear more.

Angstrom Power to Offer Longer Battery Life

Motorola l7

Angstrom Power has developed a technology that offers twice the run-time of batteries and with recharge times on the order of 10 minutes, Angstrom’s EverOn capability promises to supplant the lithium ion batteries commonly used in today’s portable electronic devices. Continue reading

Motorola RAZR2 Gold & Snake-Like Edition!


Mobile phones haven’t remained a mere tool of communication, in fact they have turned into a symbol of status and glamour, flaunting significance and class of the owner. Stretching the luxury line of phones, Motorola has proclaimed a special edition, which will be an advanced figure of its latest RAZR2. Continue reading

Blackberry Connect for MotoQ9


Finally begin on Motorola smart things, the inclusion of Blackberry Connect on the Moto Q9 is really good news for both sides, on the one hand, users of the range corporate Motorola will have access to one of the mail servers and communication most important of this market, and secondly, Blackberry continues to extend its platform. Continue reading

Motorola RAZR2 V8


¿Do you like the phone you see in the picture above? Well, Motorola has introduced this morning in Spain formally and surely that is a very successful sale.

The Motorola RAZR2 is the continuation of the strategy of the American company for a model that will draw a lot of impact and sales. The formula has not stopped giving successes, but leaves the company without defenses when another team comes out of competition you face plant.
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