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Ideazon’s Reaper Edge gaming mouse gets reviewed


It’s been over a year since Ideazon threw its Reaper into the totally saturated gaming mouse market, but now that the Reaper Edge has arrived to challenge the revived SideWinder, Razer Lachesis and Saitek Cyborg (to name just a few), it seems suitable to see how it stacks up. Continue reading

TWM 818UP, a very sensual Velvet Mouse


Blue Velvet. The velvet has its song and everything. Of course, since it has always been a noble material and attractive, something significant, something sensual. That’s why it is chosen over and over again in the tapizar armchairs, manufacture clothes and now when we want our mouse is more gentle and welcoming. Continue reading

Tucano Raise His Beat With Peripherals


It might not be the most recognized brands in the market because its origin is not in the Far East or in the United States, natural homes of the majority of firms that flood the consumer electronics with its wide range of products. Even so, it would be wrong to repair the Italian Tucano, a firm with a broad catalog in his favor just build its new offer of peripherals. Continue reading

Razer 4000DPI Lachesis Mouse Reviewed (Verdict: Great on a 30-Inch Screen)


With 3200dpi gaming mice becoming de rigeur, Razer needed to step it up to 4000 to keep the pissing match going. Even though a 3200dpi mouse is already too fast for some, I4U’s reviewer says that Razer’s 4000dpi Lachesis “is very accurate and tracking is great,” particularly in Crysis. But, most of you probably aren’t twitching around a 30-inch screen like the reviewer.
Continue reading

Hands dry and cool with the mouse Optiwind



Definition of the Royal Spanish Academy: Biol. Excess sweating, generalized or localized in specific regions of the skin, especially on the feet and hands.

An evil that lurks in the timid in search of conquests, who are suffering an interview and those working in the midst of a major review. Continue reading