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Ares 3.15 + Serial[Full]

Ares 3.1.5 is the newest version of this great P2P software, with new skins and seamless connection and more.

* Unlimited music downloads
* DVD quality movie downloads
* Downloads of films and videos in HD
* Over 100 million files
* Turbo speed downloads
* 30 million users worldwide
* 2 new skins
* Certificate of Cleanliness (No Spyware)
* Privacy Protection
* Weight: 2.45 Mb
* Language: Multi-language
* Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista
* Compression: Winrar

New version – No more connection problems – New Look

Are you tired of your old version of Ares 2.1?, Your Ares not connecting?
Ares 3.1 is the newest version of this great P2P software, with new skins and seamless connection and the best Full.

NOTE: This version includes a serial number within the rar to register it and remains in full version when you installed MySQL you go to “Control Panel” and the serial active. This is one of the changes it brings.

Download ==>

RIM prepares an accessory for its music Blackberry


If this accessory finally saw the light, that it will, RIM has entered fully into a field that we do not know for sure whether he benefits. They have already made amagos with models of its BlackBerry Pearl, and has gone so well that at the time that the mail in mobility is a reality not only for the employer or self-employed, but for many individuals, they are not going to limit to professionals and are viewed with keen to enter a market jugosísimo, prosumer and the average consumer. Continue reading

Qtrax, heir of Napster

The record companies are beginning to understand what is behind the film and its continuing efforts to avoid sharing networks-in this relentless fight fell queen of the board, Napster-supported P2P service. It was hoped that this midnight United States saw birth Qtrax, which will be available to Internet users 30 million songs, but the program in its beta version is not yet available. The new exchange system has achieved approval of the record companies for two reasons: the advertising revenues and the certainty that the songs may not be roasting on a CD because of a system that prevents this. Continue reading

Nokia Comes With Music not that free afterall



Yesterday Nokia announced the Comes with Music program, where you get with a device purchase 1 year long free music from a catalog of millions of tracks. You can keep the downloaded music after that free subscription expires. Arstechnica took a closer look and discovered some DRM related restriction to this awesome sounding deal. The key to the discovery is that Nokia partnered with Universal Music, which announced just a couple of weeks ago an Apple iTunes Rival. Continue reading

Nokia’s “free” Comes with Music… and DRM and hidden fees


If mama taught us one thing about free offers, it’s read the fine print. Unfortunately, it was missing from Nokia’s unusually tight-lipped “Comes with Music” announcement yesterday. Fortunately, Ars Technica unearthed the dirty details for us. Nokia’s service is actually a first to fit under Universal’s Total Music plan whereby carriers or device manufacturers tithe Universal a fee of about $5 per month for each device sold. Continue reading

Game Boy Foot Controller Mod For a Full-Body Music Experience


Musician and Game Boy modding guru Joey Mariano has developed an eight headed, foot pedal monster that allows users to control the buttons of a Game Boy color with their feet. Continue reading

My Top 20 Of Electronic Music

It’s a collection of some of my electronic songs, I select the best 20 of this year, the songs are from different artists and i choose the most popular are heard in my country colombia and some online, hope that you enjoy it.

Part 1
Part 2

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