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Ubuntu Arrives to the Nokia Tablets

We have already seen the Android running in the Nokia N810, and that is what was missing?, because the Ubuntu in the Nokia Internet Tablets, that comes with a set of tools Qt… in what the company has declared that wants exploit the possibilities of multiplatform between the ITOS and Series60, and is that it seems that want to see if GTK + and Qt can coexist as do in the desktop for Linux… Continue reading

Nokia 5320 XpreesMusic Can be control by voice

The new Nokia 5320 XpreesMusic, in addition to having an incredible design, comes with 3G impressive capabilities… comes with a recognition technology , which just by saying the name of a song, the song starts automatically, in addition to having keys dedicated to XpressMusic, a jack audio 3.5 mm, up to 24 hours of playtime, and an audio-chip high filedidad that ensures sound quality unprecedented… Continue reading

N-Gage is released to the owners of the Nokia N81


If you are one of those fortunate enough to have a Nokia N81 (it has been found in the N95 and seems to work), those invited by the team of N-Gage to get a pre-release version of the new application and start playing.

To register you can do it from this link, and then download the application… soon will have games like FIFA 08, 3 Asphalt World Series of Poker yMidnight Pool 3D.

ASUS M930 gets official, Nokia styling and all


Nokia M930

Well pretty much everything we’d heard about the upcoming M930 from ASUS has turned out to be the real deal, making the brick-like device nearly a dead ringer for Nokia’s E90 communicator with Windows Mobile doing the dirty work in place of S60. Continue reading

Nokia Eco sensor, a concept with the environment as a theme


More or less once a year, Nokia made public a concept phone, as happened with the Aeon, and now it is up to Eco sensor, which almost right at the time when the Finnish company falls in the ranking ecological Greenpeace appears a strong relationship with the environment as a central theme, and almost unique.. Continue reading

Nokia Comes With Music not that free afterall



Yesterday Nokia announced the Comes with Music program, where you get with a device purchase 1 year long free music from a catalog of millions of tracks. You can keep the downloaded music after that free subscription expires. Arstechnica took a closer look and discovered some DRM related restriction to this awesome sounding deal. The key to the discovery is that Nokia partnered with Universal Music, which announced just a couple of weeks ago an Apple iTunes Rival. Continue reading

Nokia’s “free” Comes with Music… and DRM and hidden fees


If mama taught us one thing about free offers, it’s read the fine print. Unfortunately, it was missing from Nokia’s unusually tight-lipped “Comes with Music” announcement yesterday. Fortunately, Ars Technica unearthed the dirty details for us. Nokia’s service is actually a first to fit under Universal’s Total Music plan whereby carriers or device manufacturers tithe Universal a fee of about $5 per month for each device sold. Continue reading

Nokia envisions fingerprint-reading cellphone displays


Cellphones with built-in fingerprint scanners aren’t exactly revolutionary, but a recent patent application filed by Nokia could foreshadow mobile displays that recognize and react to biometric inputs. More specifically, the technology would see a touch-sensitive user interface that could allow / deny access or morph depending on what user swiped their finger. Continue reading

Gizmo Proyecto For Nokia N810

Available now version of Gizmo Project for the Nokia N810, which, after using it on the N800 think almost indispensable, or at least one of the best tools to talk to these Internet Tablet.


The typical advantages are simple; toll-free calls to users of Gizmo, Google Talk and MSN; video calls with other users Gizmo; much cheaper rates throughout the world and other things .. But personally what I like is the ability to take all this in a team like N810 to esmucho more comfortable than a notebook and much more powerful than a smartphone.

Nokia Internet Radio


Nokia has just launched its Nokia Internet Radio that is, in short, an application that allows you to tune in Internet radio but any phone with Symbian S60, although still ready for the Nokia N82, N91 and N95. Continue reading