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GeForce 8800 GT upgrade causes headaches for some Mac Pro users


It looks like Mac Pro users wanting to get in on some of the latest and greatest action without ditching their old system altogether are still out of luck, despite a recently released “upgrade kit” from Apple that got some of their hopes up, and caused some consternation for anyone that actually took the plunge on one. Continue reading

Porsche wheel casemod does rock, won’t roll

This automotive-inspired casemod embeds a complete high-end PC built inside an alloy wheel from an SUV.


The liquid cooled SLI-Machine Wheel PC is loaded into an 18-inch wheel from a Porsche Cayenne, then wrapped up in a Bridgestone Dueler H/P radial tire to round things out. Continue reading

Rumor: new NVidia GeForce 9 high range for February


A good rumor in the afternoon Friday: it is said that the new range will launch NVidia GeForce 9 in February 2008, which would be the latest in graphics cards housework.
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