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It seems that we will have the Windows 7 2011-2009


According to industry sources in the IT version of the new Microsoft operating system would be available for the second half of 2009, within a year and a half or so. The first test version of Windows 7 has already been sent to business partners in the process of assessing the characteristics and the road map of development aims 2009 as the date for distribution to the general public of this new version of Microsoft software star. Continue reading

Mac Os could run Windows applications natively


They discovered evidence that seem to point in the sense that the Mac could soon run Windows applications without having installed any software virtualised.

In fact, although narrowly, for some time projects such as the open-source Wine has facilitated some of this functionality.
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Asus Eee, source operating system now available


Interesting news for those who are watching the movements of Asus Eee before it starts to be sold in Spain. Asus has released the source code of the operating system (Linux-based), thus allowing developers can optimize the most of the applications of this Asus Eee, knowing all the secrets of the system.
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