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MSI releases the GX600 gaming laptop and GX700…for the ladies


We’re short on specifics, but MSI looks to be getting behind Intel’s upcoming 45nm Diamondville processor in a big way — a totally unsurprising turn of events. Diamondville is pretty much built from the ground up for powering low-cost ultraportables of the Eee PC’s ilk, so we’re sure to be seeing it in all sorts of cheap computers in the coming year or so, but MSI is one of the first to announce a budget laptop built around the platform. The chip is due to be formally unveiled in April, and MSI says the “when Diamondville is ready, our project will be ready.” That should be around July or August, and we can’t wait to see those design chops (pictured above) put to good use.

Numark’s TTi turntable transfers vinyl to iPod sans a PC


Sure, there’s a smorgasbord of products out there designed to transfer your precious vinyl recordings to a slightly more modern format, but few pack the cool factor that comes bundled in gratis with Numark’s TTi. This newfangled turntable not only brings back not-so-fond memories of your second high school prom, but it also boasts an integrated iPod dock, USB interface, a metal platter and pitch control to boot. Continue reading

Wacom Cintiq 20WSX & 12WX


Wacom Cintiq has renewed its portfolio by entering into two new Tablet PC, whose models are 20WSX and 12WX.

The model 20WSX, has a touch screen 20 “and resolution 1680 × 1050 offered some simple checks to be able to focus the image and navigate through it. Continue reading

MDV-ADVANCES ST4900 Series, the new PC with a 1333MHz FBS from Mouse Computer.


Mouse Computer will start selling a new PC under the MDV-ADVANCE ST4900 series available in BTO with CPU ranging from the Core 2 DUO E6550 to the Core 2 QUAD Q6600 (FBS 1333MHz), from 2 to 3GB of ram PC2-6400, from 250 to 500GB, GeFroce 8500GT to 8800GT and based on the Intel P35 Express Chipset. Prices are expected to be around 550 to 860

Easy-Cube 40 Series, a compact PC… but not both



If there was a competition on portable compact, I do not believe that this equipment manufactured by Computer Mouse could cope with the Endeavor ST110 that Epson has recently launched. Okay that Easy-Cube 40 Series has achieved a fairly discreet size, at least compared with traditional computers, but still has not been as astute as the Epson model, which is really nice and small.
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MedionMD8828, a Mulitmedia PC


Just as there are computers for the jugones usual, there are other dedicated to entertainment. This is the case of MedionMD8828, a team with a good performance which has been designed to be used as an entertainment center.
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Hot Wheels Velocity X



Is a great game one of well much games that i have this one is for PC so..Put your driving skills to the ultimate test as you defend Monument City from a criminal gang of racing villains. Continue reading