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Philips Xenium x800 also with touchscreen

In the war of phones with touch screen that we are living (just the beginning), Philips could join with his new Philips Xenium x800.

This phone Xenium x800 highlights first by design, with rounded shapes and screen that is confused and integrates fully with the carcass of a mobile phone. It will be touch, naturally, and is unlikely to take physical keyboard, so that everything will be controlled with the help of the interface, where you must work hard Philips.

The phone has Wi-Fi and accelerometer to the orientation of the screen change according to how they put the phone. It is very useful for surfing the Internet and play videos.

Toshiba one-ups Philips with AquilionONE CT scanner


Philips’ Brilliance iCT sure had a nice run, but no sooner than it hit the spotlight, Toshiba has arrived fashionably late to steal a little thunder. Continue reading

Philips enters the notebook game in Brazil


Details are pretty sketchy right now, but it looks like Philips is set to release its first two notebooks in Brazil in December. Continue reading