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Slacker Portable ¿It would be the final?


After a first delay in November anunciábamos in December and could buy Slacker Portable, but neither was the case. We have no choice but to take philosophy and patience with the announcement of the new company in which it reaffirmed that yes, now they begin to sell the player.

With this type of equipment as ghost, whose leader is the Optimus keyboard, one would become a very strange feeling. Continue reading

Another Simple MP3 Player


This one doesn’t have a name. It’s just referred to as the “Tactile MP3″ player. Why tactile? Simply because the 5 basic controls necessary to master your music are raised bumps, something like braille. The idea is you can control your music all by the sense of touch. Design wise, it’s pretty slick, like a dollop of shiny mercury backed by some creamy marshmallow puff. Mmm mmm!

Designer: Bomi Kim

Winamp 5.52 Build 1800 final… Is Ready To Download


Download The Last Version of the Winamp that is a Player audio and video player with very practical, functional, which now able to reproduce freely virtually all audio and video formats, of course, as long as they have the codec installed.
Winamp supports the following formats AAC, it, courage, nst, stm, IDA, itz, MP1, NSV, stz, AIFF, KAR, MP2, OGG, ult, amf, M2V, MP3, Oct, VLB, APL, m3u, mp3 , pls, VOC, ASF, M4A, MP4, ptm, WAV, AU, mdz, MPEG, RMI, WMA, AVI, CDF, MPG, s3m, WMV, CDA, MIDI, mtm, s3z, xm, far, MIZ, NSA , SND, xmz, 669.

Improvements in this version include:

— Improved support for Unicode *. DLL enc_
— Support APEv2 tag.
— Support read / write BPM metadata.
— Optimized paa mldb results.
— Pixel shaders now works in graphics chips from Intel.
— Fixed Bugs.
— Updated Bento Skin # 118

Winamp 5.52 Build 1800 Final works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

This Time, Digital Camera Has Clone Offspring With Nano


Given the popularity of iPods and cameras, it is no surprise that we’ve seen this sort of thing before (albeit with the HDD-using iPod type). This time, however, BTL International clones and shoves a 2MP camera into the back of the current-gen Nano with its M2406 model. Continue reading

Dane-Elec 4GB Meizu for $100 at New Egg


Here’s another relatively inexpensive Christmas present you can get for someone. is selling Dane-Elec 4GB Meizus in black or white for only $99.99 ($79.99 after a $20 rebate). You even get a free New Egg universal mp3 player case with every purchase. This promo’s going to last all throughout December. Continue reading

Xbox 360 HD DVD player stoops to $129


Not even six months after the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive fell to an oh-so-tempting $179, the unit has now reached an even lower low. That’s right kids, the attachment has just plummeted to a juicy $129, which would honestly sound a whole lot sweeter if not for that sub-$100 HD DVD fiasco still lingering in our heads. Nevertheless, we’ve already noticed the player’s new price tag over at Amazon and Toys R Us, but feel free to point out any other price slashings in comments below.

Read – $129.99 at Amazon
Read – $129.98 at Toys R Us

Sony NW-EO13 small MP3 player with color display


It is somewhat different to what we had seen previously, and I think that good advertising can sell well. Sony launches NW-E013.

And what’s special about?. It’s an MP3 player small in size and color LCD screen, a feature that is often absent in similar devices. It is compatible with MP3, ATRAC, WMA, AAC and PCM, FM radio and a means 2.9×22.4×13.6 millimeters. Continue reading

U27 Conical MP3 Player and Speakers Look Like a Warhead


The U27, with its neat military name, looks like something scary that Jack Bauer would defuse heroically whilst US citizens sweated in front of their tellies*. Luckily for us, it is not, or mass destruction of the world’s population would be just an “Add To Basket” click away. The U27 is actually an MP3 player with built-in speakers that costs just $89.99. Considering that they throw in a Toshiba 1GB SD card at no extra cost, it’s a bit of a bargain, really. [Deal Extreme via Shiny Shiny]

Creative Zen Vision:M Selling for $99


This Christmas you have a choice between the $99 Zune or the Zen Vision:M, also selling for $99. The Zune original that sells for $99 is probably already scarce, especially when you can buy it for even lower than $99 so Vision:M it is. Continue reading

VX848 PMP is Just Another Good-Looking Player From ONDA


ONDA outdid itself this time. The New VX848 has a simple design that stands out for its undeniable prettiness. The control buttons is a simple four-way like you’ll find in many media players but by making it an oval-shape, ONDA has done a little design magic: they managed to make regular tech look like state-of the-art technology. Don’t know about you but this one looks better than the VX989. Specs:

  • 2.4-inch QVGA screen
  • MPEG-4 (AVI) movie files
  • MP3, WMA, WAV audio files
  • FM radio
  • USB 2.0
  • audio recording (mic)
  • JPEG

[onda via thebestmp3players]]