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GTA IV’ in PS3 works with 620p & on Xbox360 at 720p. ¿WTF?

Or at least that is what ensure various forums and specialized web pages the sector, as Kotaku or Eurogamer. It seems that the version of ‘GTA IV’ that has been developed for PS3 operates at a resolution that not just be HD, we are going to 620 lines of resolution instead of the 720 to which we are accustomed. But calm, as we noted recently, the power visual the title remains excellent. Continue reading

Sony to Sell 11 Million PS3s By Fiscal Year End


It looks like all that was wrong with the PS3 was the price, because despite a very slow start, Sony has announced that their console will reach worldwide sales numbers of 11 million units by the end of this fiscal year (March 31st, 2008). That’s big news for Sony and the gaming industry, as developers have a lot more incentive to make games for a platform that someone actually owns. Alright, it’s time to place your bets again: how will the console wars end? [yahoonews]

Just How White Does Tide Get Your Consoles?


Kotaku did an interesting whiteness comparison between the Wii, 360 and newest PS3. Reminding us of one of those teeth whitening before and afters you see around midnight on every channel, the PS3 dominates the (competition?) with absolutely stunning, pearly whiteness. The Wii holds its own with a solid, “standard” white. But the Xbox 360? That one’s a smoker. Because next to the other consoles, it’s looking gray…which is odd, because I’d describe their “black” Elite as a bit gray as well. [kotaku]

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Blu-ray is leading the war of the formats in Europe


Sony has announced that sales of Blu-ray discs in Europe have exceeded one million units.

Of all the movies in high definition purchased by consumers this year in Europe, 73% of them have been bought in Blu-ray format, according to Gfk Media Control International.
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