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The iPhone 3G with a smaller screen

The publication Taiwan Economic News assures us today that the new model of iPhone has a different configuration to the model now: weighs only 120 grams, compared to the 158 of EDGE, largely by the use of more plastic instead of aluminium-magnesium that both have become accustomed. Surprisingly say that the screen is smaller, and passes to 2.8 inches in diagonal compared to 3.5 of the model now. Meanwhile, AppleInsider speculation that Apple has begun to move several “models” false to put more confusion in the street, and not remove the element of surprise that Apple has enjoyed when they have launched new products.

MP4 Watch with 1.5-Inch OLED Screen


You see new MP4 watches almost every week nowadays. Some better looking than others. Like this 1.5 inch OLED screen “high fashion” model. Continue reading

LG L227WT, monitor 22 inches


Presented at the IFA this year, next month is set to sell LG L227WT, one of 22-inch LCD monitor that stands out, above all, by its contrast ratio, excellent 5000:1.
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Contrast Ratio static and dynamic


When we speak of monitors, screens, televisions, … We tend to refer to his as a contrast ratio of the technical specifications. One can assume that as this is bigger contrast ratio provide better image quality, but what is the contrast ratio? And what’s more, why are there so many differences between different models?
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