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Windows XP and Vista with a new security problem in QuickTime

Researchers have discovered a new security problem with the QuickTime for Windows, and this time assure us that allows seizing the PCs infected. Users of OS X did not have to worry, since it is exclusively a problem with XP and Vista. Using the same tactic of creating a QuickTime specially designed, and placing it in a web page, the hacker can control the PC, even launch applications. Researchers have decided not to publish details to avoid a disaster; safe that Apple has begun to investigate the problem, and a patch reaches us shortly.

San Francisco security cameras ineffective due to poor framerates


We’re not huge fans of overzealous security camera deployment, but if you’re going to spend taxpayer money deploying nannycams, at least make sure they’re capturing more than one frame every two seconds — the rate at which San Francisco’s $900,000 system is running. Continue reading

Top Internet Security Risks of 2007

hacker.jpgCyber criminals and cyber spies have shifted their focus again, successfully evading the countermeasures that most companies and government agencies have worked for years to put into place. Facing real improvements in system and network security, the attackers now have two new prime targets that allow them to evade firewalls, antivirus and even intrusion prevention tools: users who are easily misled and custom-built applications. This is a major shift from prior years when attackers limited most of their targets to flaws in commonly used software.
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